ABC Ontario Board Of Directors Descriptions

The President shall be the chief executive officer of the association and shall be ex-officio a member of all Standing Committees.  The President shall call and preside at all regular meetings of the Council, of the Executive officers, and at the annual general meeting of the association. The President may appoint chairpersons of additional committees as needed, subject to the approval of the Executive Officers. In cooperation with the Executive Committee as a whole, the president shall be responsible for keeping the organization focused on its mission and objectives.

The Immediate Past President may attend all meetings and shall have voting privileges.

The Vice-President shall act in the absence or incapacity of the President. The Vice-President shall assist the President in carrying on the administration of the Association and furthering its policies and programmes.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the conduct of the financial affairs of ABC and chair the Finance Committee.  The Treasurer shall have custody of the funds of the Association, depositing them in the name of ABC at a chartered bank.  The Treasurer shall keep full and accurate books of account or oversee the activities of the Executive Director in this regard, making routine disbursements by the authority of the Executive Committee, but making extraordinary disbursements by the authority of the Provincial Council.  Cheques shall be signed by any two of the following: the Treasurer, the President, the Vice-President or the Executive Director. The Treasurer shall give a statement of finances as often as required and shall give a complete financial report, which has been audited, at the annual general meeting of ABC. The Treasurer shall present a budget for the upcoming fiscal year at the Annual General Meeting for ABC Ontario. The Treasurer is responsible for receiving all revenues and donations

The Secretary is responsible for maintaining ABC Ontario’s official records (e.g. minute book, record of incorporation, accounts, membership database). 

The Executive Director shall be responsible for maintaining ABC Ontario's official records (e.g. minute book, record of incorporation, books of account, receiving fees and donations, and for preparing and maintaining an up-to-date membership file). The Executive Officers shall fill this position by appointment and this position is not subject to election as outlined in Article VII. The Executive Officers may appoint a non-member to fill this position. If a non-member is Executive Director, them the position is non-voting. The Executive Director shall also coordinate ABC volunteer and subcontracted efforts related to fundraising, events, advertising, publications, communications, website maintenance and other needs as directed by the Finance Committee and in co-operation with the Standing Committees.

The Director of Resource  shall serve as a consultant and advisor to support ABC's outreach and advocacy efforts through the development of publications including newsletters and web-based resources. It shall be the duty of the Director of Resource to compile a bibliography of reference material on bright children from various resources, such as studies, journals, books and digital media and to make this bibliography available to chapters, members and contacts.  Resource shall further maintain a set of news magazines and other materials published by ABC Provincial such as position papers, responses to proposed legislation, etc. 

The Legislation Liaison Director's duties shall be to monitor the drafting and implementation of legislation affecting bright children and to participate in the process upon request.  The Legislation Liaison shall also present briefs or make representation on behalf of ABC to appropriate legislative bodies.

The SEAC (Special Education Advisory Committee) Coordinator's duties shall be to act as the liaison between the Executive Committee and the ABC SEAC representatives; to relay the concerns of SEAC representatives to the Executive Committee; to keep the ABC SEAC representatives informed about legislative and educational changes affecting bright and gifted children through the periodic distribution of electronic notices and through conferences and workshops as may be appropriate; to keep ABC SEAC representatives informed and aware of official ABC positions; and to act as the ABC/SEAC liaison with other provincial parent associations.

The Education Liaison Director's duties shall be to encourage all those provincial organizations involved in education, such as federations of teachers and trustees, universities and private schools, other such organizations concerned with exceptional children, to study the needs of bright children.  The committee shall encourage the training of suitable teachers and provision of appropriate programmes for these children.

The Director of Public Relations as chair of the Outreach Committee shall be ABC’s liaison with the media, members and the public and ensure that effective and efficient two-way communication strategies are in place.  The duties of this director shall also include maintaining timely and regular contact with a designated representative of each ABC chapter or area contact (where there is no functioning chapter) and to act as liaison between the chapters and the Executive Officers.  The Director of Public Relations shall present new and prospective chapters to the Executive Officers for accreditation when the requirements have been met.

The Director of Volunteer Development shall be responsible for seeking out, responding to and mentoring prospective volunteers. This director shall also oversee the coordination of volunteer resources in cooperation with the Executive Director, Standing Committees and chapters. In this capacity, this director will make recommendations concerning the need for paid services to be contracted when volunteers are not available to assist the Executive Director to ensure seamless cooperation between paid and unpaid volunteer services.

The Director of Business Development shall be responsible for ABC's strategic planning needs including, but not limited to fundraising, grant applications, and other revenue, member and volunteer generating endeavors which promote ABC's mission and objectives.

Francophone Liaison to the Board of Directors (ad hoc position) - this member-at-large assists the Board of Directors in informing the executive of the needs of the French language community and guides decision-making for information to translate, French language resources and research needs and assists members who are French language school board Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC ) representatives (Comité consultatif sur l'enfance en difficulté -CCED).  This member also encourages networking of ABC members whose children attend French language schools in Ontario.